2.1.1 (06-07-2005)

  • Новая опция: выбор браузера для поиска информации и просмотра справки
  • Новая опция: язык пользовательского интерфейса
  • Новый язык интерфейса: Русский
  • Устранены мелкие баги

2.1 (04-25-2005)

  • New Tool: File Info
  • New Tool: Delete On Boot
  • New Tool: Search For An Item
  • Activity Logging
  • Tags for items
  • New option: delete HKCR\CLSID key
  • New search engines added: MSN, Altavista
  • New right-click menu command: View in Separate Window
  • New misconfigurations detection: Registry Tools Disabled, Control Panel Disabled, Task Manager Disabled, User Style Sheet Hijack
  • New startup module types detection: Download Manager, Notification Package
  • Monitoring changes in Internet connection settings
  • Automatic updates
  • FIX: the program shuts down too slow
  • A few minor bugs fixed

2.0 (01-19-2005)

  • New zone: IE Search URLs and prefixes
  • New zone: Running Programs
  • New zone: Services
  • New zone: Drivers
  • New zone: Loaded Modules
  • New zone: Startup Modules
  • New zone: Shell Extensions
  • New zone: HOSTS file
  • New zone: Layered Service Providers
  • New zone: Protocols
  • GINA DLL, Shell, UserInit hijack protection
  • Shell spawning protection
  • Default search hook protection
  • Safe/Blocked lists
  • Scheduling an action execution during Windows startup
  • More information about each item
  • System and Internet Explorer version information
  • Detecting changes in the Trusted Sites list
  • Detecting and fixing broken LSPs
  • Revised user interface
  • New logo and icon

1.3.4 (02-10-2004)

  • A few minor bugs fixed

1.3.2 (01-10-2004) - first release

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