Are you using the Internet for work or pleasure? Than you probably have dozens of passwords to remember (or forget). Bet you, there has been a number of times when you just could not remember the darn thing when you needed it. Some people choose to come up with passwords that are easy to remember - they usually include the name of a family member, birthday date, name of a pet and so on. These are easy to remember for you and to guess for anyone who wants to access your information. Yet, this password may be very important and give you access to your bank account, financial or health records, etc.

my password manager iconMy Password Manager
My Password Manager is a password storage program that will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind.

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password director iconPassword Director
Password Director provides a safe and secure way to keep all your passwords and sensitive records (such as system logins, credit card information, PINs, private phone numbers and other sensitive records) in the single well-protected password database. You do not have to remember dozens of passwords anymore, just remember your single Master Password (password for the Password Database).

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Advanced Printers Activity Logger
Advanced Printers Activity Logger is a software for monitoring the efficiency of your company's printers usage. With Advanced Printers Activity Logger you can find out which documents have been printed on each of the selected printers, which employees use printers most actively, the number of pages printed, which computer sent the documents for printing, etc.
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Simple, fast and efficient browsing history cleaner for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Automatically cleans up all traces of your Internet and system activity when you close the browser or shutdown the computer. IE Privacy Keeper can correctly clean up the index.dat files without the need for a Windows restart. It also cleans up your system activity (recent documents, MRU lists, etc.). The program allows you to keep selective history items to conceal the fact of the cleanup. IE Privacy Keeper has a secure deletion feature to prevent data recovery. You can specify custom files and registry keys to delete. IE Privacy Keeper is absolutely free!

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Flash and Pics Control is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to easily enable or disable Flash, pictures, Cookies, Java Script, Java Applets or ActiveX right from Internet Explorer. Disabling Java Script, Java Applets, Cookies and ActiveX will make Internet Explorer less vulnerable when visiting web sites you don't trust.

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