Thousands of computer users every day are confronted with malware (malicious software) - software parasites which interfere with a user's work, steal significant information, violate online privacy, waste your money, etc.


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Such programs become more and more sophisticated making it is difficult to identify and destroy them. The existing anti-malware means cannot provide a reliable, standing PC protection because they are based on malware databases which tend to become out-of-date. There are also polymorphic parasites which cannot be easily defined and classified accurately to enter them in a database.

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A firewall cannot protect you completely, because malware can inject itself into other applications (like Internet Explorer) and trick the firewall.

Browser Sentinel brings a brand new level of protection to your system. It monitors vulnerable zones of your PC for all kinds of threats, regardless of what software is trying to cause problems. It will alert you and help to remove adware, trojans, keyloggers and other Internet parasites. Browser Sentinel does not use a database of known intruders, and is, thus, extremely fast and efficient.


Browser Sentinel:
  • Monitors vulnerable zones of a computer that are often abused by malware;
  • Provides a user with exhaustive information about every object in a zone;
  • Provides a user with the means to counteract malware activity in the zones.

With Browser Sentinel an experienced user can effectively fight against malware, spending minimum time and resources. The user is always aware of activities in vulnerable zones of the computer and thus can immediately neutralize suspicious items as they appear.


  • Monitors loaded modules, startup modules and NT drivers (detects keyloggers);
  • Monitors protocols and LSPs to prevent Internet access hijack;
  • Allows you to temporarily deactivate an item;
  • Includes an advanced task manager;
  • Hijack protection: GINA, Shell, UserInit;
  • Detects changes in the Trusted Sites list;
  • Detects and fixes broken LSPs;
  • Hiding system items;
  • Convenient Internet search capabilities;
  • Displays detailed information about every item in a zone;
  • Comsumes minimal computer resources while monitoring the zones.
  • Browser Helper Objects;
  • IE Toolbars;
  • IE Explorer Bars;
  • IE Buttons;
  • IE Context Menu Items;
  • IE Tools Menu Items;
  • Downloaded ActiveX Objects;
  • IE Default Pages, Search URLs, Prefixes;
  • Startup Programs;
  • Running Programs;
  • Services;
  • NT Drivers;
  • Loaded Modules;
  • Startup Modules;
  • Shell Extensions;
  • HOSTS file;
  • Layered Service Providers (LSP);
  • Protocols.
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